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Soy Labs is a cutting-edge nutraceutical company dedicated to improving consumer health products by supplying innovative natural ingredients and formulations to the nutrition industry.

Our proprietary, research-validated, soy-based powders, peptides, albumins, and formulaic compounds are intended for inclusion in nutritional supplements, functional foods, soyfoods, beverages, and cosmeceutical products. Soy Labs is positioned to deliver the latest in soybean technology for the health benefit of consumers worldwide.

News and Events

Lunasin Shows New Potential for Nutrition in Health Care - 04.24.13 

Lunasin's ability to support cardiovascular health was acknowledged by the American Heart Association at their Annual Scientific Session in November.  Dr. Alfredo Galvez's presentation abstract was selected for publication in the prestigious AHA Journal, CirculationView the abstract here. - November 2012

Progress in the Cholesterol Puzzle
, Nutrition Industry Executive - October 2012

Epigenetics Holds Key to Healthier Future
- 09.14.12 

Reliv's ProVantage Performance Supplement Adds LunaRich, Earns Patent
- 08.10.12 

GlucAffect Now Includes LunaRich Soy Powder- 06.08.12

MO Dept. of Ag, Farmers Give Thousands of Pounds of Food in Harvest for Hunger Drive
- 04.06.12

SoySentials from Reliv Delivers New Approach to Women's Heart Health
- 03.15.12 

Soy Trends: Still a 'Super Food'?  - 03.01.12 

A promising new soy product emerges from a Mexico, MO, plant science center - 02.18.12

Lunasin-packed powder will revitalize soy protein shake market, says Reliv - 01.23.12 

Reliv and Soy Labs Launch LunaRich™, a Healthier Soy - 01.16.12 

New soy ingredient could re-invigorate cardio foods market, predicts Scoular - 12.08.11 

Scoular partners with Soy Labs, LLC, manufactuer of Lunasin XP® and LunaSoy™ - 11.30.11

Soy Labs and the Missouri Plant Science Center in Governor's Spotlight - 09.19.11 

Soy Labs forms new partnership with Reliv - 08.22.11 

Soy Labs and Government Leaders Break Ground on the Missouri Plant Science Center - 05.11.10


The following websites offer valuable information regarding various fields related to health & wellness. These universities, associations, and national institutes all strive to enhance the health of people worldwide and educate people how to live healthier, active lives whether it's through adding more soy into the diet or becoming a part of a national health movement.